Tuesday, February 9, 2016

XLSX now available as Datasource

XLSX is now available as a datasource. This is a big addition to Vectoriole's capabilities.

Without drowning you in too many details, we used Apache POI which is the Java API for Microsoft Documents. As of last week, we were able to use the 1st sheet in an xlsx but as of this morning, can access all sheets within a given xlsx and also assign the 1st row as the header.

Few HR Departments have direct access to their own HRIS and even the HRIS Manager can usually only create Views or run queries on existing Tables. Being able to use xlsx allows much greater freedom in HR report design without needing to get at the underlying DB tables. Of course, Vectoriole is not limited to HR. It could be extremely useful for any department. It's just that my background leans to employee benefits/HR.

In addition, the Grouping band has been enhanced with more control over the output. I'll be putting up examples of the ouput for both of these two new features over the next week.

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