Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Copy and Paste, Band to Band and SVG to SVG

As of yesterday morning, it is possible for any Vectoriole user to copy an object and paste the object into a different Band or an entirely different SVG (.VECT).  This is an important step for the SVG Editor.

In the example below, a tan icon of Documents was copied from an Infographics SVG (.VECT), pasted into the Title of a different SVG, then pasted again into the Detail Band.  At this point, we are about to change the color of the 'final' pasted icon.

This capability is useful as more than an exercise in 'look what we can do':

  1. Without the ability to Copy & paste between bands and svgs, it would be necessary to dig directly into the SVG xml source.  At best, a time consuming effort.
  2. Alignment and 'exactness' from band to band or SVG to subreport will be much simpler and consistent.
  3. It now makes sense to begin making a Library of drawn objects, that can be selected and placed as desired.
  4. It provides the basis for a Variable data SVG datatype that can be included within Reports as a variable drawn object.  Probably adapt the Rectangle tool as a Container tool.  Said differently, personalized SVG will soon be possible.
 More coming, soon!

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