Monday, January 4, 2016

SVG Text Wrapping + Fonts, font tables and baselines

I was certain that the Bills would reach the playoffs, so my predictive powers are automatically suspect. Nevertheless, I predict that SVG2 will shake up quite a few vendors, both large and small.

Even if your interest in SVG is nominal, give this a read over the next few months:

Included are a few items that I feel will be important across the board:

- We will mandate WOFF support in SVG 2. (Web Open Font Format)
EM box description. y x (0,0) Ascent Descent

- A content area is defined by specifying in a ‘text’ element a ‘inline-size’ property, or a ‘shape-inside’ property that defines or references an SVG shape. If no content area is provided, the content area defaults to a rectangle of infinite width and height (see the pre-formatted text section). If both an ‘inline-size’ property and a ‘shape-inside’ property with value other than 'none' are given, the ‘shape-inside’ property is used.

This is starting to sound an awful lot like some of the capabilities in a text editor.
Chuck in variable data + the ability to query & I think we are on the way to 'a killer app'.

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