Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Quick feet and squishy sounds (SVG)

I recently read a Blog that said that 80% of getting people to read a blog is in the Title. Don't ask me what the Title of that Blog was, as I have already forgotten.

Part of creating a viable, online application is in identifying and removing bugs. Step on 'em.
- Yesterday, a JS bug was fixed that caused a mouseover to be a cursor instead of a pointer.
- Yesterday, a JS bug was fixed that disallowed a chart parameter to be removed.
- Yesterday, an XML parsing bug was fixed that incorrectly saved SVG width.

Today, I believe I will see the SVG Editor receive an implementation of stacked bar charts, both horizontal and vertical. Although other types of charts could be used, a simple progress chart is the correct choice for simplified retirement planning.

Today's bonus SVG, the Buffalo Bills logo. Next year, it happens. Go Bills!

Buffalo Bills love their SVG

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