Friday, January 1, 2016

Out of the pool. We have a floater. (Do you SVG?)

Most of the time we expect and even demand WYSIWYG but when working with variable data in a Report, WYSIWYG can be an eyesore.

The image below shows a new feature that was added yesterday to the SVG Editor; giving objects the ability to maintain a fixed position relative to the top or bottom of a page, or to float depending on the data. The data (a text field) is labeled '$F{left}' and is located above both the red text and the blue text. The Red text is set to 'Float', whereas the blue text is set 'Fixed relative to top'.

Now look at the 2nd image, which is a reduced screenshot of spooled PDF and you'll see that the Red text floated to the bottom, whereas the Blue remained fixed. This level of control can extend to any object (drawing, image, chart, etc).

All clear. It's OK to get back in the pool.

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