Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Danger, Danger Will Robinson. Dangerous Bird overhead!

SVG of the Day

This is a redo of an earlier Blog post. My first effort looked horrible and I discovered the reason why: SVG 1.1 does not have Z Order. That is one of the items that will be addressed in SVG 2.0. As a result, the rectangle with the transparent fill I drew around the body, was breaking everything that wasn't already broken.

Created with VectOriole SVG Editor, Data Integrator, Pdf Creatore, Infographics Name: Vectoriole Habitat: The Web Date of Birth: 01/16/2015 Height: Not sure. Won't hold still. Weight: Barely a mouthful Eyes: Black Feathers: Orange, crimson, black Identifying marks: Usually seen carrying a Vector tool. - Infographics and data visualization - Variable data, online Reports, variable data printing - Employee Benefit Statements, Total Compensation Statements - Employee Communications, HR Communications, Retirement Communications - Personalization Diabolically capable of creating and editing SVGs, variable data PDFs, variable data charts, data integration, html publishing, sharing. Talks JSON, MySql, PostgreSql, CSV, XML. Known to be Preparing for the Future recommendation of SVG2. Competitors should avoid any connection to the Web and always carry an umbrella. Last seen chirping & flying high over the heads of expensive competitors. Known affiliations & associates include: Badges? We don't need no stinking badges WANTED By forward thinking Individuals & Companies


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