Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Updated SVG Editor link and features

((from the old Web System blog. Disregard any links as they are probably outdated.)) First of all, the SVG Editor has a new link and is now at http://www.younicycle.com/template-editor/

1) Since my last post, Grouping objects is possible.  Draw a few objects on the canvas and you will see the possibilities directly above to Group and Ungroup.

2) Bugs with the Bezier draw have been fixed.  After you draw, single click in the center of the object and you will see on the properties palette (to the right of the canvas), that you will be able to change a straight line to a curve, add or delete a node and open or close path.  Imagine a rectangle that has only 3 sides with a black border (stroke).  Use Close path to complete the border (add a 4th side).

3) A bug with manually Editing the size and cordinates has been resolved.

4) A bug with using your arrow keys for selecting and moving an object incrementally up/down/right/left has been resolved.

5) Variable data and datasources is in progress.

6) A bug with the SVG Source (got to View -> SVG Source) that disallowed the source from Validation was fixed.

7) Print and Preview buttons now work.  We have tested on our own printers and so far, so good.

Should see many new features by mid - February.  Once again, if you have interest in any kind of partnership, go to: http://cloudsville.com and fill in the form.

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