Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Oriole, a SVG by Vectoriole

((from the old Web System blog. Disregard any links as they are probably outdated.))

The Oriole, a SVG by Vectoriole I know this (see bottom of this post) is still in progress, but thought I'd put it up.  We've also created a few health related svg forms, along with a svg calendar.  None of these should be used for production, but could be helpful to begin practicing using the SVG Editor.  Go here for SVG downloads and fuller explanation:

Here is what is in progress, as described by our programmer:

"What I meant by proxy is more about a programming pattern. So the proxy is the object that serves as a mediator between two applications (in our case Vectoriole and Younicycle). I don't want to hardcode Vectoriole into Younicycle, because we don't know how and where it can be used in future. Ideally, it will be used with other systems that provide data.

So I'm going to add a proxy class (YC_Proxy), that will know what younicycle can give us, and also it will make requests like - getImages, getRecords, etc. In time we can add more proxy classes for other services.

I'm also going to create an interface (list of functions) that the proxy object will provide. After that, we can document it and let other programmers write proxies for their systems (using our interface API)."

The Oriole, a SVG by Vectoriole <\body> <\html>

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