Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Google believes in Paper

--- originally posted in a different blog (The Web System) on 2/8/13 ---
I received my 5th Google snail-mailing (1st class, presort) in the last three months a few minutes ago from our trusty USPS delivery guy.  This particular mailing is for the Google Engage program: :

"Google Engage is a program that helps you master the art of online marketing so you can help your clients succeed online."

What I find interesting is not the specific program, but the fact that Google recognizes that not all decision-makers 'live on the web'.   The mailing includes a short letter, along with a 14.75 x 6.75, trifold brochure with and additional, glued envelope containing pre-coded (essentially, personalized) activation cards.

This method of binding 'the Cloud' to personalized print is a solid method of acquiring new business while establishing contact with decision makers that have better things to do than spend their day 'blogging'.

Print still works.  Personalized (variable data print - VDP) print works better.  Combining Personalized print with 'the Cloud', is better yet.

Don't believe in Print?  Throw out your Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Driver's License, Marriage Certificate, Life Insurance Policies, Divorce papers, Property Deeds.  You'll become a believer.

The most important documents in our lives are printed.

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