Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2017, in advance

This time next year, we may be receiving SVG 2.0. The chart below, along with online Reports, Personalization using SVG, variable data and Vectoriole will be the main topics of this blog for 2016.
In the meantime, have a Happy and safe New Year's Eve.

SVG Roadmap and Deliverables Layer 1 SVG Roadmap of Deliverables Specification SVG 2.0 SVG Integration Masking and Clipping Compositing CSS Animations CSS Transforms CSS Transitions Web Animations Geometry Interfaces Filter Effects SVG2 Accessibility & API Mapping SVG2 Accessible Authoring Guidelines SVG Parameters FPWD LC CR PR REC August 2012 April 2014 November 2012 August 2012 March 2009 February 2012 March 2009 June 2014 May 2014 October 2012 June 2015 June 2015 April 2009 March 2015 December 2014 October 2013 January 2014 July 2015 July 2015 July 2015 March 2015 March 2015 April 2015 January 2016 January 2016 June 2015 October 2016 June 2015 July 2015 July 2015 August 2016 August 2016 August 2016 December 2015 December 2015 March 2016 October 2016 October 2016 June 2016 February 2016 April 2015 August 2014 February 2014 November 2015 November 2015 November 2015 July 2015 July 2015 July 2015 May 2016 May 2016 December 2015 December 2016 August 2015 September 2015 September 2015 October 2016 October 2016 October 2016 February 2016 February 2016 May 2016 December 2016 December 2016 August 2016 FPWD: First Public Working Draft LC: Last Call CR: Call for Implementation PR: Proposed Recommendation REC: Publication of Recommendation

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Personalization should not be this difficult

Personalization is a one person job at Vectoriole.

Created with VectOriole Layer 1 Personalization is powerful, but should not be so difficult.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Birds of a Feather, make Personalized SVGs together

This is the first post of the updated Blog. All the others below date back over the last 16 months.

If you don't know a single thing about a specific person but it is important that you explain something complex to that person, then you'd better be prepared to do a whole lot of explaining.

However, if you have some 'data' (aka Information about a Person), then you can speak directly and get to the point. It's more efficient and you can get your message across without excess fluff.

Personalization is a more effective communication method and if you take the long walk, much more accurate. Do it right and personalize.

Welcome to the The Vectoriole Project and our new Blog.

Proxemics and Personalized Content Delivery

I've long had what I thought to be my own peculiar view about the value of Personalization, particularly with respect to its value for Financial Services.  My own experience taught me that in depth, personal financial presentations built on specific data (date of birth, wage rate, hours, existing employee benefits) lead to a much higher 'success' rate than the Jane Doe/John Doe one size fits all method.  Traditionally, I used print as the method of delivery.

Today I stumbled on the term #Proxemics, which seems to fit quite well with my 35 years of personal experience.  Today's virtual world seems to be picking up on the power of personalization and appears to be woven into the goals for Big Data. 

Personalization,market segmentation, Big Data, Data Mining, iOT are buzzwords or technologies with one goal in mind; predict what the consumer either needs or wants so as to increase the probability of a sale.
Proxemics for the Web.  I'll post this SVG now and again when I finish it.
Personalization: Leads to More Sales Anonymous Space, Public Space, Social Space, Personal Space, Intimate Space, In Your Face, increase sales 2 1 3 4 Personalization #1: Public Space. Visible, but one of a group. #2: Social Space. Visible and identifiable. #3: Personal Space. Restricted out of choice. 0 #0: Anonymous Space. Unknown identity. More Sales #4: Intimate space. Only for spouses, children, very close friends and close family members.


Do You SVG?

Probably shouldn't try to use this Vectoriole Stamp. It might not fly.

Do You SVG? Do You SVG? FOREVER scalable

Available SVG Editor SVG Fonts

((from the old Web System blog. Disregard any links as they are probably outdated.))

I just validated the SVG Editor's available fonts at

All were ok.  See the list:

Vectoriole SVG Editor Available Font List Default ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Georgia ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Palatino ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Times ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Helvetica ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Gadget ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Comic Sans MS ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Impact ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Lucida Grande ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Tahoma ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Verdana ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Trebuchet ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Roboto ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Roboto condensed ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Noto Sans ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Courier ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Lucida Console ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230. Noto Serif ~`!1@2#3$4%5^6&7*8(9)0_-+=QqWeRrTtYyUuIiOoPp{[}]| \AaSsDdFfGgHhJjKkLl:;"'ZzXxCcVvBbNnMm<,>.?//*-789+4561230.

How to create Touch to Call feature within a SVG

((from the old Web System blog. Disregard any links as they are probably outdated.))

I tried to set this up Touch to Call in the SVG Editor yesterday, but was overthinking the process.  It's so easy, it may as well have an   EASY button.

Here's an image of the source:

And directly above is the svg. Give it a try! This is how to set up Touch to Call in a SVG Touch to call